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Tintawi Charaka Kaigziabiher, born in Northern New Jersey in the late 1970's is an ​interdisciplinary artist, an Olorisa of Yemoja (Priest in the Lukumi tradition), a writer, and a ​doula. Growing up in the culturally rich New York City metro area, Tintawi's parents exposed her ​to various Black and Latino historians, artists, traditionalists, and writers, by taking her to ​lectures, and art exhibitions, and immersing her in rich cultural traditions and community ​events. Surrounded by self-taught artisans and strong familial personalities, she began exploring ​different mediums such as ballet, African dance, ceramics, photography, crochet, and writing ​from a young age. Her work serves as a voice and an account of the African experience in the ​Diaspora.

Tintawi currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, Isatu, a scientist, and their ​five children. She has performed spoken word at numerous venues such as the National Black ​Theatre, The Apollo, and the Boston Comedy Club, early in her career. Her recent literary works, ​including academic essays, articles, and short stories, have been featured in newspapers and ​journals such as the Santa Fe Reporter, The Mistake House, and Trampset. Her latest publication ​is, “The Bead Griot.”

Tintawi's art is functional, wearable, and ceremonial. She is an independent artist with Vital ​Spaces and has showcased her most recent artwork in various exhibitions such as the ​Recentering Santa Fe "Social Structures" project sponsored by the Santa Fe Art Institute, “Hand ​Tools of Resilience at Form and Concept,” and Sounds of the Orisa at Vital Spaces. Currently, she ​is working on a series of ceremonial ashere (rattles) and a beading project that explores human ​relationships with trees and ideas of belonging.

Tintawi has an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing from Santa Fe Community College, a ​Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Prescott College, and is currently completing a Master ​of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Creative Writing and African Diaspora Studies ​at Prescott College. Tintawi has also attended Sarah Lawrence College and Harvard Extension ​School.

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Photo Credit: Faridah Ndaiye

Photo Credit: Faridah Ndaiye

Photo Credit: Faridah Ndaiye

Photo Credit: Faridah Ndaiye

Inspired by nature

Form and Concept Gallery

Santa Fe, NM


Photo Credit: Edmund “Umoja“ Herman

Photo Credit: Edmund “Umoja“ Herman

Photo Credit: Edmund “Umoja“ Herman

Rock Against Racism

Santa Fe Fashion Week

Santa Fe, NM


International African Arts Festival

Brooklyn, NY











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The Bridge” - A short story

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Randall Davey Audobon

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“The Bead Griot” Book


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